H.I.M. Grace and Truth

One mankind was counted a sinner because of his disobedience, and in him all mankind were made sinners. The mankind did not need to sin individually. One man made the whole mankind sinners. Then One Mankind was fully obedient, and in Him all mankind were constituted obedient. The mankind did not need to be individually obedient. One Mankind made the whole mankind obedient. God is not looking for your obedience, He has it in Christ Jesus. The gospel message of today, is not you must be obedient, and God will reward you. It is that Christ Jesus is obedient and in Him you have equal reward.

Whatever favor Jesus Christ, the Last Mankind, has with His Father, you likewise have the same favor because you are in Him by the Intention of the Father in Jesus Christ. Jesus is not condemned by the Father, therefore you can never be…

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