The title say’s it all …. “The Human Body Is Designed to Fix Itself”


You can give the human body what is essential for it to fix itself!

Untold millions of people are suffering because they do not know what their body requires in order to thrive.

Every product has a designer. The designer creates certain design specifications as to what is essential for the product to function properly. The creator of our human bodies has done the same. And since most of medical science does not acknowledge a creator; they are ignorant of his design and the people suffer needlessly.

The human body requires 90 essential nutrients in order to stay healthy, fit, and thriving. A deficiency in even one of these nutrients can lead to major suffering.

Why don’t most people know about the 90 essentials? The reason is that major drug companies in collusion with the FDA have made this information nearly illegal to share in any form. The FDA’s official…

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