I used to be one who accused others for my short comings. NOW praise God! Now  God has unfolded His understanding and His Peace about Life and death.

H.I.M. Grace and Truth


Speaking boldly in faith is often an offense to those who live within a lot of doubts. The Gift of faith is often very polarizing to those who hear it with current or past violations and accusations their heart. You know; allot of the things the Lord Jesus would say would piss off those who were really just accusing themselves in their own heart.


People often only make accusations because they have been accused recently or in the past, and it has wounded them deeply. Fear and reproach in a person’s heart do not allow them to take no thought of what is perceived as a suffered wrong.

They will not undergird when offended, but will in fact overbear, lash out, and become destructive.

They cannot be ever ready to release others from their sins. They are driven by the words of past accusation or even possible abuse which is…

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